Friday, August 26, 2011

SQL Cookbook to the Rescue

This week was rough. We were auditing complex financial records in one of our new production databases. To do so, we had to wield some advanced SQL. I had to study-up on joins and a few other advanced techniques. How did I do it? I had a great coach: DB2 SQL Cookbook by Graeme Birchall. I found an old original PDF (here), a modern HTML fork (here), and more via Google (here).

On a previous project, some 'scary good' data mining experts and DBA's recommended this book. I've been using it ever since. Those guys were so right; this is an excellent resource for the practitioner. More, the content applies regardless of the database you use. Just adjust the syntax slightly for your target database engine and you'll be slaying queries like a pro in no time. Now here's the kicker: Graeme’s book is free to download… so no excuses, go get that data!

Favorite recipe: Multiple Counts in One Pass

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