Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Use Cases Example

Continuing the example from the previous post, here's a selection of use cases from that project (click here or on the pic to see the detailed example). These were written using a modified form of the fully-dressed use case template from Writing Effective Use Cases. Some notes regarding the example:

o Version History - Evidence that use cases are living documents that evolve with your project;
o Use Case List - The table form of the use case diagram (often a PM's best friend); and
o (5) Use Cases - Implemented use cases. Note their brevity. Note how the complexity of multiple flows are accounted for in their extensions. Note how the main flow focuses on the frequently traveled path (the happy path).

How to Read Extensions: The extension number indicates the step in the main success scenario for which a different path may be taken. They are usually used to describe significant options you must provide or special failure handling that you must address (rather than just give an error message and end).

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