Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why Git?

OK you architect types, here's a classic solution fit statement... enjoy.

Why Git
Here at the State and in past lives, we used a number of SCM systems. Ultimately, our Department settled on Git for the following reasons:

  • Standard - Git is the long overdue successor to CVS and has quickly become the defacto standard for SCM. As such, great documentation and extensive tooling are widely available.
  • Best Practice - Old school limitations like check-out locking are long gone. High value features from years of SCM system evolution are built-in.
  • Cross Platform - Our systems, code, and tools span multiple platforms. As such, we require an SCM that plays well across platforms.
  • Low Admin Overhead - Git is easy to setup and maintain. Some SCM systems had great capabilities but extraordinary administrative requirements (i.e. configure / maintain multiple large products across multiple servers) - this is not workable for small teams.
  • Ideal Licensing - An open source SCM eliminated hairy licensing issues. For example, proprietary SCM's had strict remote access licensing requirements; making working with outsourced resources difficult.
  • Low Cost - No licensing fees.

Git Resources
git - Git Home
msysgit - Git for Windows (core)
TortoiseGit - Git Windows Explorer Integration

Recommended Doc's
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